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 How is Fit 'n Food different to other fat loss meals and muscle meal companies?

Fit 'n food is a complete body shaping service. Meal prep is only one part of your transformation, which is an important one. This is why we have a delicious menu which caters for you to get the exact nutrients needed for your specific goals. The service we offer still extends beyond only meals, we offer eating plans which incorporate intermittent fasting which has proven to speed up results. We also cover the fitness side with optional classes based on resistance training to increase metabolism and body tone.


Do I need to train to get results?

Training will improve the results you achieve and will shorten the time in which you reach your goal. However our meals are prepared with balancing the right nutrients for optimum fat loss and toning up. So you will still achieve these results by just eating our healthy meals. In addition to this, our meals are based on balancing macronutrients (Protein, Carbs, Fats) as opposed to most other meal delivery websites who base it on calories. Calorie counting is far less effective as Macronutrient balancing as these nutrients have different roles in the fat burning and toning up process, which is overlooked in a calorie counting based diet.


Should  I select one of the set plans or should I create my own?

Our set meal plans are balanced and prepped to reach a certain result. However some individuals may require a specific meal plan structure. If this applies to you, then you can create your own meal plan through our website.


When are the delivery days?

The delivery days will be on Saturday and Sunday depending on your area. When you place your order you will be notified of the most probable day that your delivery will arrive. This can still vary depending on amount of orders, however it is mostly accurate.


What do I do with my esky?

When your meals are delivered they will arrive in an esky with dry ice to keep the meals frozen. when receiving your meals, instantly place the frozen meals in the freezer and store other meals in the fridge. Keep your esky in good condition and leave it out for the delivery driver on your next delivery day.


What do i do with the dry ice?

Do not handle dry ice with your bare hands. Dry ice will burn your hands. Keep the dry ice in the bag it is stored in and move the bag to a well ventilated area (preferrably outdoors) for the dry ice to evaporate. Do not leave the dry ice to evaporate in a confined area as it can restrict oxygen in small places.


Are the meals frozen?

The main meals are blast frozen which is a process that keeps the high level of nutrients and high quality taste. This is different to a normal freezing process which creates ice crystals in the meats which can decrease the nutritional content and compromise the taste. So rest assured your meals will be of exceptional quality and taste.


How long should I heat the meals for?

Every microwave differs, so the length of heating will also differ. If the meals are solid frozen, heat the meal for 4 minutes, then check the meal. If more time is needed keep heating in 2 minute intervals. If the meal has been thawed, then heat for 3 minutes and check, then reheat in 2 minute intervals until desired heat is reached. Never refreeze thawed meals.


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